Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, but then raised in Salisbury, NC, Ayeeedubb always knew she wanted to have her voice heard. 

While receiving her bachelor’s in Human Services at Wingate University, she interned with a new hip-hop radio station in Charlotte. 

Ayeeedubb had her most memorable moments on social media with her videos on instagram, snapchat, and vine being favorited and reposted by many people all over the world. She wondered what she could do for a living that allows her to just be herself. That is when she decided she wanted to pursue a career as an on-air personality.

After her internship ended, she was offered a job to be on-air and her radio journey took off!

When she isn’t on air entertaining the city, you can catch her creating YouTube videos, interviewing celebrities, and keeping you laughing.

Ayeeedubb’s Favorites :

Artist/Group: Too many to name, but let’s just say Drake
Movie: The Wood
Actor/Actress: Steve Carrel
Book: Holes
Sport: Basketball. But just to watch..not to play lol.
TV Show: Just finished The Office, so I’m all about that right nhow.
Holiday: Christmas!
Restaurant(s): Taco Bell is life.
Candy: Sour Patch Kids for the sweet..Kit Kats for the chocolate.
Food: Mexican food and pasta.
Place to Shop: Thrift Stores!
What is on your Playlist? Trey Songz, Da Baby, Ariana Grande, and strange songs from Vine
Pets? Yes! One cat named Cleocatra.
What is your favorite cereal? Honey nut cheerios..duh.
What is your favorite ice cream? Oreo Ice Cream anything..duh.
Do you have any hobbies: I love watching Youtube, going to concerts, shopping, knitting..and just creating things.
iPhone or Droid? iPhone all day.
What is your favorite season? Fall! Weather, outfits, and food is better.
Would you bungee jump? Possibly!
Pet Peeves: Snoring and the noise when people eat food.