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Jose Says F U To His Middle Finger, Accidental Shooting

Oct 29, 2014 -- 5:46am

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco shot off his middle finger last night!

He didn't know the gun he was cleaning was loaded and blew off his left middle finger at the dinner table.

Canseco went in for surgery last night be he may never have full use of the finger again, because the bullet tore through the bottom part of his finger.

Good thing he's a righty (you know for the injections...nevermind). 

No Pretending: Is Tinashe the cause for Ciara & Future Split?

Oct 29, 2014 -- 5:36am

Mediatakeout.com is reporting Tinashe is the reason Ciara and Future called off their engagement! 

Word is Ciara caught Future in a "compromising position with Tinashe" and what started our as just making music is now a relationship between the two.

Their single, How Many Times, samples Al B. Sure 'Nite and Day' and could be radio's sexiest 2015 single.

Do you think there's any truth Tinashe breaking up Ciara and Future?

#DollazNoSense: Love & Hip Hop Star Arrested, Owes 11K in Child Support

Oct 29, 2014 -- 5:33am

Rich Dollaz from Love and Hip-Hop NY was just arrested for owing $11,000 in child support.

TMZ reports Dollaz was at Five Guys when cops ran his plates and found a warrant for his arrest.

Dollaz is still in Hudson County Jail this morning.

#Yo!HaveUSeen VOD: Thirsty Dudes Cat Calling in NYC on Hidden Camera

Oct 29, 2014 -- 5:24am

Dudes are crushing hard this #WCW.

Below is the trending video of a cute girl walking around NYC for 10-hours with her boyfriend, strapped with a hidden camera, capturing guys hitting on his girlfriend as she walks by. 

This really made me think about how I am when I walk past you. Some of us really are thirsty and have no filter.

Ladies, have you ever hit on a guy as you walked by? What would you say if roles were reversed?

#CrazyEyes Keyshia Cole WON'T be Prosecuted

Oct 28, 2014 -- 11:16am

A few weeks ago Keyshia thought Birdman's jumpoff was in his condo and attacked her.

Sources reported to TMZ that Keyshia will not face charges but must go to an informal hearing to "catch a stern warning or else."

The hearing may require anger management classes but this is why it's sometimes better to just "Let It Go"


#HalloweenFail Ray Rice & Janay Respond

Oct 28, 2014 -- 11:08am

With Halloween this weekend and you trying to stay top of mind, costumes based on the headlines will be out in full force.

Mocking Janay's nightmare is not the move though:

Janay and Ray have turned to religion and they're praying for you.


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