Jordan Talks with 2K14

Oct 02, 2013 -- 6:17am

Yesterday was the release of the highly anticipated, NBA 2K14 video game, that many wait every year for, to see what they have in stores this time around that is better than the previous year's game. Not only did this years edition include stunning graphics, real life game play, but also an interview with the greatest himself, Michael Jordan. In this interview, the creators of the game asked him questions from how the game has changed from the past, to even his thoughts on twerking. But those are neither of the ones that have the world buzzing today. 2K14 asked Jordan who he would like to play One-on-One against and MJ came with a strong list including; Jerry West, Dwayne Wade, Caremlo Anthony, Lebron James, and a few others. Finally MJ continues on to say that he would beat them all, "except Kobe, cause he steals my moves." Check out the video below.




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