Soul Food - "Recovering From Your Mistakes"

Oct 31, 2013 -- 1:01pm

What’s up world?! All this week on my “Soul Food” segment, I’ve been taking about recovering from your mistakes, and below I’ve detailed a complete rundown of what was covered. Be inspired, be motivated, and enjoy!

 Mistakes are inevitable because no one on earth is perfect, so whether you like it or not, we are all destined to mess up sooner or later. All to often, we drive ourselves crazy trying not to make a mistake; even worse, many times we get so caught up in our mistakes that we don’t even realize we’re making them. Taking both these thoughts a bit farther, we sometimes even chastise and judge others for doing the very same things that we’re doing just because we simply do not see our own wrong doing. However, whether its sooner or later, we all have to confront our wrong doing, and when that happens we have to make the decision on how we choose to recover from our mistakes.

How we recover from our mistakes is what defines our character. We all have options when recovering from our mistakes. You can either choose to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, you can hold one to your mistake, or you can learn from that mistake, wipe the slate clean and move on! [CLICK FOR MORE]

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