Soul Food - Stop Putting People On Pedestals

Nov 18, 2013 -- 1:06pm

With Thanksgiving a little over a week away we already know that we need to prepare ourselves to deal with the joys, and the stress that comes with spending times with our families. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and I’m sure you love yours, but when you get the whole family all together there are bound to be some issues. This is why all week long I plan to give you some tips on how to rid yourself of certain behaviors now, so that next week can go as smooth as possible.


First off, stop putting people on pedestals!

With everything be so corporately charged these days, we try to organize and put everything in its place including people. We treat our parents with respect because they are our parents; that’s the title they have. We treat our bosses we respect because they are bosses, and we want to stay employed. What if we stripped everybody of their title; would you still treat them the same?

In a recent conversation a lady told me we should not get so hung up on who’s who. We are all people and we should “treat people like people not by titles because God treats us as such.” This got me to thinking.

We place people in categories based on appearance, wealth, status, and popularity. We then put titles on these groups, and how you are treated usually depends on how high you are ranked in these categories.  For instance, managers, corporate CEOs, politicians, and even celebrities are looked as being more beautiful, wealthier, and powerful than average Americans, so they get treated with a certain level of respect. So much so, that unnatural curiosity moves us to go out of our way to please and provide them with special treatment.

Instead of treating people like we want to be treated, our treatment of people is based on how much money and power they posses; we live in a culture that glorifies people for what they have instead of who they are inside. Keep in mind that celebrities, politicians, and even your boss, are just people, so stop treating people differently because of status and what they can do for you.

Learn to be pleasant and genuine with everybody from janitors to Jay-Z. Most people can see through fakeness and playing a part can be exhausting. Remove the tension from your life and be yourself. When people see that you’re a genuine person, doors will begin to open because people will want to help you just because of the person you are inside. Try it! I guarantee it’ll work!

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