"Kids" Rap Explicit Rick Ross and 2 Chainz Lyrics

Dec 18, 2013 -- 1:55pm

Some people are speaking out about how explicit the lyrics of some of the year's biggest hits are.

A video entitled "Kids" that features children rapping the offensive lyrics of some of the year's biggest hits has become viral, and was even seen on CNN.

The visuals were created by Jimmy Smith II and Jarrel Smith of Los Angeles-based agency Amusement Park, and they said this on why they created the video.

"We just wanted to hold up a mirror to the types of messages we pump into our heads all day," the Smiths said during an interview with fastcocreate.com. "We hope this film pushes some of our favorite, super-talented artists to push themselves toward more honest and balanced art. Not cleaner or censored, but honest. If rappers rapped about Hot Wheels and ice cream on every song it wouldn't be honest, either. But if you have 12 songs about money, where are the songs about the things money does not fix? Nobody is perfect, but as creatives we can always be honest. Honesty--it's what makes truly great art, great.”

Check out the thought provoking video above!

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