Hey Cap region... thanks for checkin in with me!!!

Turn it Up and PAY ATTENTION,

Cuz ya just never know,

What I'm going to say!!!


People always ask me, (and for some reason they are usually yelling when they say it) who are you, where did you come from.. Well, I wrote a story 'bout it..like to hear it here it goes...

My parents were entreprenuing souls, so about a year after they were married they went into the pool business. But materials were expensive so they generally dug the pools rather shallow and lined them with bubble wrap.

Which led to the explosion.... The judge says I'm not allowed to talk about that.

I was born in the back of a digger.. you know, one of those ones like you see at construction sites. Well, that sparked my fondness of stones, pebbles and other sedimentary creatures.

Growing up I spent alot of time chasing my 2 older brothers, along with countless numbers of frogs, turtles and hummingbirds. I started dance classes when I was 3 and was featured on Pee Wee's Playhouse *the dream version*.

I enjoy reading, making music and contemplating life. I also enjoy cardboard boxes. I mean, they are just so darn symetrical. Additionally, i enjoy cameras, website maintainence and emu's. Ever since my release from the "home" I have been so busy.

If I'm not in the studio I'm usually at a riverbank somewhere feeding the small woodland animals.







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