What's up world?!?  First off, I have to let y'all know that I am from ATLANTA, GA!!! 

Hummmm, lets see what else... I went to Georgia Southern University and graduated with a B.S. in Multimedia Communication in May 2010, and in the words of Kanye, I'm a Delta so I stay throwin' that dynasty sign!!

When I was five years old I told myself that one day I was going to be the voice on the radio, and after Easter speeches, oratorical contests, working at GSU's campus radio and TV stations, hosting various events, interning, and SLAVING on a ton of other side hustles I made it the Atlanta airwaves!

  Fast forward to now, I've moved on up the east coast to be on Albany, New York's number one hip hop station, JAMZ 96.3! Be sure to JAM with me each and every weekday from 3pm-7pm! 

Cap City, Let's TURN UP!!!! 

 Want to know more?!?!  Check out my website, DanieB.com

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Katt Williams Wanted By Cops

Jul 16, 2014 -- 11:44am

The Inglewood police department is looking to chat with Katt Williams who may possible be in big trouble of a possible assault with a deadly weapon.


Glen Jackson claims that he pulled up next to Katt Williams at a red light and tried to snap a picture of the comedian. Jackson goes on to claim that Katt and his bodyguard then got out of the car, and pepper sprayed him. Jackson then stumbled out of the car to escape the fumes, when Katt ran over his leg with his Rolls Royce, and pepper sprayed him again.


This is Katt’s 4th alleged violent confrontation in 2 weeks.

Fight Night At The "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Reunion Taping

Jul 16, 2014 -- 11:40am



I’m sure no one is a surprised to hear that there was a huge fight during the taping of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show in NYC Tuesday night.


A number of sources say that whole thing started when Benzino cracked a joke about Stevie J and Joseline doing drugs. Stevie then jumped up to get in Benzino’s face, but security stopped him. This then led to Joseline sneak attacking Althea, and after that all control was lost. As soon as security would break up the fight, another one would ensue.


Police were called and three people were treated for injuries. Check out the fight footage above! 

Haters Gonna Hate...

Jul 16, 2014 -- 11:38am

Today I was on Instagram, and I saw this “When your job pays you to do what you do, do you give the money back? So, when a hater pays attention and starts hating on what you do, why give them the attention back?” 

Some people just hate for the heck of it. They are miserable so they make it their job to make you miserable so they won’t be miserable alone. Some people just want to blame everyone else for their problems, their issues, the reason their career isn’t poppin off, etc., instead of taking responsibility for their own pitfalls. Don’t let these negative Nacys get to you! Don’t even pay the Debbie downers any mind! Instead use their hate their nay saying and their negativity to fuel your movement. Make up your mind to prove them wrong and rise above their BS. 

Emmy Nominations Revealed

Jul 10, 2014 -- 12:32pm


The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and online and cable shows are dominating the television scene.

HBO has 99 nods including 19 for Game of Thrones, Netflix has a totals of 31 nods for shows like House of Cards which has 13,  and Orange Is The New Black, which received 12, and everyone’s favorite, Breaking Bad received 16 nominations.

This year’s Emmy’s will be hosted by Seth Myers and will air Augusts 25, on NBC, check out all the nominations above!

Source: CBSNews

Justin Bieber Gets 2 Years Probation In Vandalism Case

Jul 10, 2014 -- 12:28pm

Justin Bieber is headed to anger management. 


The singer was charged with misdemeanor vandalism earlier this month steaming from that infamous egging incident.


Justin ended up pleading no contest to the crime, and was placed on 2 years’ probation. He also has to pay his neighbor over $80 thousand in damages, and he has to attended 12 weeks of anger management classes.



Reggie Bush Gets Married This Weekend!

Jul 10, 2014 -- 12:24pm

Well, Kim Kardashian is now married, so it’s only right that one of her first controversial boos, Reggie Bush, ties the knot as well!

According to TMZ, Reggie Bush and his longtime girlfriend/baby momma, Lilit Avagyan will be married this weekend in the same spot LeBron James was married,San Diego’s the Grand Mar.




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