Over the past few days you've seen endless "I'm So" posts, so this weekend you’ll have a chance to share a memory of your hometown when you hear the cue to call.

Everyone that shares a memory will get hooked up with Wiz Khalifa’s new album ‘Blacc Hollywood’. All winners will be in the running to Meet and See Wiz Khalifa live in New Jersey for the ‘Under The Influence Tour’ on Sunday August 3rd!

The ‘I’m So 518’ weekend is being brought to you by Road Runner Atlantic Records and JAMZ 96.3!


The Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour is happening August 12th at SPAC, and every Weezy Wednesday leading up to the show we are going to be blowing out tickets!

 Get ready for the concert on the summer with your favorite station, JAMZ 96.3!



#IAMJamz963 are you? Show us by using the #hashtag in your next social media post! You never know when or what you could win! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend #IAMJamz963!!!!


J Will has your tickets to go see Dawn of the Planet of The Apes! All you’ll need is the answer to the question of the day at 7:05am!



It's time to play Game of Phones, and you could receive a phone call and get hooked up with goodies from one of your favorite JAMZ personalities!

To WIN, fill out the form. If a JAMZ personality calls you know the phrase that pays which is "JAMZ 96.3 rules the summer," and get hooked up!

Click here to sign up if you have not already! 


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