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Amsterdam BANS Street Ball

Jul 24, 2014 -- 6:54am

Last night a city council meeting was held and after a 4 to 1 vote it is now illegal to play basketball on Amsterdam city streets.

Touch football, baseball, and even street hockey are all legal but if you are playing basketball you could receive a $250 fine or have your hoop taken away.

Amsterdam Mayor  Ann Thane says the law is "ridiculous, wrong minded and unfairly targets communities."


Snoop Dogg Smoked Where in the White House?!

Jul 23, 2014 -- 6:17am

Snoop Dogg is back with a new episode of GGN News featuring Jimmy Kimmel who asked, if Snoop's ever gotten high in the White House? 

Do you think Snoop really got high in the White House? 

#MakeUp Robin Thicke Inspires 1-800-Flowers Bouquet

Jul 11, 2014 -- 6:39am

1-800-FLOWERS has teamed up with Robin Thicke to create two new bouquets: the "Get Her Back" and "Forever Love" line.

The 'Get Her Back" bouquet features 100 artistically hand-designed long stem roses and will run you $350!

The "Forever Love" line has long stem roses arranged in a ruby red vase to help you express your feelings in the most romantic way possible. For 18 roses you'll pay $90 and $65 for a dozen.

The things we do for love...#Paula 


Is Lebron Leaving?!

Jul 11, 2014 -- 6:09am

As the ENTIRE country awaits Lebron's "Decision Part II" people are whispering Lebron may indeed be out because moving trucks are outside his Miami home.

You be the judge!

Based on these photos do you think Lebron is staying or leaving?

Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour Is A Rap Battle

Jul 09, 2014 -- 6:20am


Hip-Hop fans all rise because this summer we're in for a show!

Drake vs Lil Wayne LIVE at SPAC on Tuesday, August 12th will be a rap battle competition.

Weezy told MTV News that his manger came up with the idea, and he is excited to see where it goes.

"Thank God we've been so successful, going back and forth with our hits and getting the crowd to go crazy, then just finally hit the stage together," Wayne said.


#Research: Kanye Plays 20 New Songs in London

Jul 07, 2014 -- 5:53am

Kanye could be dropping a new album this year! 

This weekend he was performing in London at the Wireless Festival and last night he decided to test some new music!

There were no cameras allowed during his apperance but a fan has been tweeting about what he witnessed:

What's this mean?! 

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