Pet Connection

Pet Connection

Are you looking for a smaller dog to brighten your life?
I have found her for you….Love the name “Roo”…..
She is going to be GREAT !
She is a lover !

Pet Connection 6-22-21

Meet Roo

Dog – Mixed Breed (Medium)
Sex : Female
Age : 3yrs
Weight : 16.10 lbs

She is a beautiful mixed breed who is between 2-3 years old and under 20 lbs. We named her Roo because she looks a bit like a Kangaroo dog, but is most likely a mix of sheltie, terrier and who knows what. She is active, but gentle, and loves people, including kids. She is happy to hang out with people, but really loves dogs and would probably be happiest of all with at least one other dog and a fenced yard to play in.

Roo does have a playful side, and enjoys chasing chipmunks and squirrels. We are not sure if this would turn into a problem in a home with cats. She has not lived with cats as far as we know.

Since she’s been with her foster, she has shown herself to be highly intelligent. She has learned to ask to go outside to go potty by standing at the door, she goes in her crate when asked, sits on command, and comes when called.
She learns very quickly, and would be a great dog for any active family.

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