How To Win
What’s the difference between California and New York in April? About 3 thousand miles. And California has Coachella. JAMZ 96.3 wants to put some distance between you and the Capital Region by sending you out to Cali to experience Coachella 2019 staring Ariana Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino and some other artists in really really really small print by the names of Lets Eat Grandma and Ross from Friends. No, not David Schwimmer. To qualify for the trip with artist downloads be caller 9 when you hear the Coachella Cue to Call! and the grand prize winner will be announced WITH BILLY THE KID ON MARCH 15th at 8:20am . PRESENTED BY…THE KING OF CREDIT USED CAR VALUE CENTER ROUTE 9 CLIFTON PARK THE KING OF CREDIT DOT NET, THAT’S THE KING OF CREDIT DOT NET. Co-checkout Coachella by winning your trip from JAMZ 96.3