DaBaby Sued Over Beverly Hills Beatdown

DaBaby Sued Over Beverly Hills Beatdown

Almost a year later, rapper DaBaby is being sued for a beatdown in a hotel in the L.A. area around Christmas.

According to TMZ, Cristofher Pocasangre, was working at the hotel when he asked DaBaby for pic around Christmas. Even though DaBaby told him no, he snapped a selfie with the rapper in the background anyway.

Afterward, DaBaby told Pocasangre to delete the pic, in which he said he did. But apparently the rapper didn’t believe him or he was rubbed the wrong way by the guy’s actions. DaBaby followed him into the hotel and beat him down.

DaBaby later posted a video on Instagram to justify the beatdown, saying that he was protecting his daughter.

Not only is the guy going after DaBaby, but he’s also going after his management and entertainment company as well.