Gorilla Glue Girl

Gorilla Glue Girl

This week Gorilla Glue Girl is catching the good ol Congratulations You Played Yourself!

There’s a lot of bad ideas on TikTok but this one is by far the worst. There’s this TikToker that used Gorrilla Glue to make sure her hairstyle stayed in place. However things didn’t work out the way she hoped. Over a month later she hasn’t been able to comb, shampoo or move her hair because its stuck in place.

After all you decided to use the stickyets of sticky glue to do this. Like what did you think would happen?

Well now she is thinking about suing Gorrilla Glue because they didn’t put “Do no put in hair or as a hair product” warning section. What’s crazy to me is that people are encouraging her to sue. Like when are we going to stop supporting stupidly?


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