5 Reasons Why I Love When it Snows in the 518

5 Reasons Why I Love When it Snows in the 518

Well, by now you probably seen it snowed!! Yep, shoveling off that snow this morning sucked right? I love how every time it snows in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy EVERYONE tweets about it. Most of it is hate, some love it but overall you would swear everyone moved here from a southern state when it does snow. Here’s what the TL looked like this AM:

This love/hate for the snow got me thinking, why do I love it? Well here are 5 reasons!

5. We live in NY and get to wear Timbs (should be #1)

4. People who have lived here their whole lives complain about it (it will still snow)

3. Drivers who have lived here their ENTIRE life forget how to drive when it snows? (HOW?)

2. Waiting to see if your school CLOSED or fired off a 2 Hour Delay (Cohoes NEVER CLOSED)

1. Snow on Christmas Eve/Morning is the best and you can’t get that in Florida! (Palm Trees make a good fight though)

LET IT SNOW!! – Mike Ryan