The Plaza Pirate Strikes Again

The Plaza Pirate Strikes Again

Every year menacing things go down at The Empire Plaza. I’m sure you remember the “NY TOUCH” incident that went down last year. If you are new here, we had a slogan from former GOV. Cuomo “NY TOUGH” during COVID that lit up one of the Corning Towers. Well, someone or some people decided to tamper with the lights and that became “NY TOUCH” and that went super VIRAL.

Last night (12/13/22), The Plaza Pirate *what I’m calling this human* struck again! If you went to work on the plaza today then you seen this…

CLASSIC! Ha! But here’s where it gets funnier, the comments.

I 100% agree with jdennis187
momma was right PaulieEyeballs lol

So with all this… when will they strike again?! Will it be 2023? Only time will tell.

Thank you Plaza Pirate for your service.


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