PHOTOS: The Glenville Bridge’s Wrath of Destruction

PHOTOS: The Glenville Bridge’s Wrath of Destruction

Residents who live near the infamous Glenville bridge have had it. But, they’ve come to terms with the prospect that tractor trailers will continue to hit the bridge and nothing will be done.

There is no solution. Local (drivers) or not, people aren’t paying attention to the signs.

That’s what neighbor Keith Gordon recently told the Times Union.

The bridge carries freight trains and is owned by a Canadian company. Elected officials have tried every which way possible to come up with a solution. Still, approximately 25-30 vehicles strike the bridge every year. In December alone, two trucks were destroyed by the bridge within a 7 day span. One of them was carrying a large delivery of toilet paper, which was scattered throughout the road – not to mention all the metal and debris from the truck.

feature photo: NewsChannel 13 Video