Maria College to Receive $770k for New VR Training

Maria College to Receive $770k for New VR Training

@MikeRyanRadio | 1/5/23

Oh noooooo the future is here!!! All jokes aside this one is super cool. Maria College will be receiving $770K to develop a virtual reality nursing simulation hub. The college says this will help bring more-qualified nurses into the workforce in New York State. The project will be called “Reimagining Nursing: Virtual Reality Simulation Hub.” and I’m all for it!

“The Maria College ‘Reimagining Nursing: Virtual Reality Simulation Hub’ would not have occurred without the unwavering support of Congressman Paul Tonko and his staff, as well as the recommendation from Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gilibrand,” said Dr. Lynn Ortale, President of Maria College to NEWS 10. “These leaders are committed to do the hard work to ensure our community is cared for. Maria College is taking the charge of alleviating the nursing shortage and as the largest producer of nurses in the area, we know that this project will mean more-qualified nurses in the workforce, allowing families and children to receive the quality health care they deserve.”

One day I will make it my mission to see what this is all about. You’re telling me I can virtually repair somebody’s ACL via VR?! That would be INSANE!!!! More to come

featured pic from Pixabay