[#TBT] Seven Fads from 2013 and How We Feel About Them Today..

[#TBT] Seven Fads from 2013 and How We Feel About Them Today..

@MikeRyanRadio | 1/5/23

I’m introducing a new part of my show today and we’re calling it “#TBT Stories with Mike Ryan” Basically, I want to relive my glory days and no better way than to talk about what went down YEARS ago and there’s only 1 day to do this, Throwback Thursday!! Episode 1 we step into 2013

2013 was kind of a blur for me with graduating and trying to adjust to being an official real adult but some things that I think were cool: My first car had Drakes “Take Care Album” and I thought I was the coolest kid in the 518. The next year Bluetooth took over so that’s cool. Another thing that seemed to only work in 2013, Snapbacks and Rosary beads… The amount of hats and beads I had were insane. Yikes… 2013 was 10 years ago?! That’s disgusting considering I graduated from Cohoes High in 2013. Wow, okay… This list makes me feel so old but it’s fine we will get through this. Here are some things you may remember from 2013 and if you don’t PLEASE don’t tell me. These stats were provided by BuzzFeed as they polled their readers so let’s take a look!

Honey Boo Boo.  49% aren’t fans anymore, or never were… 42% don’t care… and 9% still love her.  That show ran for four seasons from 2012 to 2014.  Her real name is Alana Thompson, and she’ll be 18 this August. That’s WILD. 18?! To be fair, the memes we got from that show were top tier, Especially her with her Dad. Thank you Honey Boo Boo for your service.

Vine.  It debuted in 2013 and shut down in 2017.  50% wish it was back and I definitely fall with that 50% but we DO have TikTok so it’s a good trade.

Twerking.  55% think it’s LAME now, and another 26% don’t have an opinion.  Only 19% think it’s still cool in 2023. Uhhhhh let’s be honest I’m all for it. Let the Twerking stay until 2055.

Froyo.  A lot of people abandoned ice cream in 2013 and went for frozen yogurt instead.  70% of us still love it. It took me awhile to like it but I do enjoy it. I haven’t had it in years though.

Adult onesies.  That’s the year they really became a thing.  33% still love them… 46% think they’re dumb… and 21% don’t care. No comment on this one.

The Word “Swag” It’s been around a lot longer than ten years, but it got trendy in 2013.  Only 16% said they still like that term.  Ehhhhhhhhh I don’t use it but I think it’s instilled in our heads forever. Kinda like “Yolo”

The song “What Does the Fox Say?”  It was the top-trending YouTube video that year . . . 22% say they still love it. I mean… if you are still listening to that, uhhhh… I plead the fifth your honor.

Man… this got me thinking and here are some pictures from 2013 that I had to DIG for on my IG

This was my last day of High School. I talk to maybe 2 of the 9 showed… Crazy right?

This was taken at SPAC when Lil Wayne and Drake pulled up!! Again, only 3 out of the 6 showed. Funny story real quick, Danny (all the way left) ended up marrying Kat (the girl standing behind me) and I was in their wedding. Love them

Wow. Horrible Quality but it was 2013. Lol

Okay I’m done walking down memory lane. Feel old now?