PHOTOS: 74 Year Old Man Rescued from Frozen Upstate NY Lake

PHOTOS: 74 Year Old Man Rescued from Frozen Upstate NY Lake

A scary day in Queensbury on Wednesday as rescue crews were called to save a man who had fallen through the ice on Glen Lake.

The call came through shortly before 10 Wednesday morning, crews from at least six local departments rushed to the scene to help. They found a man hanging on to a slab of ice, unable to get out of the water. Rescuers say he was at least 200 feet from shore.

Firefighters were able to use a hovercraft and an airboat to get to the man. Eventually, crews chopped up enough ice to get a rescue boat out to the scene, where the man was eventually pulled out. He was taken to Glens Falls Hospital to be treated. Rescuers told the Glens Falls Chronicle that he was conscious and communicative at the time of the rescue. They estimate he was in the water for 15-20 minutes before they were able to get him out.

Apparently the man was ice skating, but the recent warm weather caused the ice to become unstable. Chief Chip Mellon of the Bay Ridge Fire Department warned about the dangers of going out on the ice:

The lake ice is definitely not strong enough to be out on right now