Local Woman Named “2023 Mother of The Year”

Local Woman Named “2023 Mother of The Year”

@MikeRyanRadio | 1/25/23

The Capital Region is home to a lot of things but if we’re being honest, having someone with the title “Mother of The Year” might be the ultimate flex of all time and the recipient of this award lives in Glenville.

Kate Boydston from Glenville was named the 2023 New York Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc (AMI) on Monday. Boydston is the 60th woman in New York history to have been honored with the title, according to AMI. She received the honor for her service to her community, philanthropy, and her family.

Boydston and her husband founded #MomsMakeTime, a trending hashtag that encourages mothers to take care of themselves and encourages the moms to make time for themselves. Kate recently competed for the title of Mrs. American as the reigning Mrs. New York American. Boydston is a mother of two and she is a maternal health advocate. According to NEWS 10 Boydston says she survived a placental abruption, NICU stay, gestational diabetes, and postpartum anxiety and depression. Now, she shares her story with others through pageantry.

HUGE W for The Capital Region.

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