Mike Ryan’s Top 5 Pizza Spots in The Capital Region

Mike Ryan’s Top 5 Pizza Spots in The Capital Region

@MikeRyanRadio | 1/25/23

We all love Pizza. We all love to lowkey rank our top 5 pizza spots when you’re hanging out with the boys or ladies so I decided to come up with my own list for the Top 5 Pizza Spots in The 518. You won’t agree with it and that’s fine! You also may think I forgot a spot or 2 and again, that’s fine too! The beauty of the Cap City is that it’s almost impossible to rank a true Top 5 because there are SO MANY dope spots but after deliberating for a few hours I came up with 5.

*WARNING: I MIGHT BE BIASED TOWARD SPOTS IN TROY BUT THIS IS WHERE I HAVE LIVED MY WHOLE LIFE!!* Let me know what you think, hit me on Instagram or Twitter and lets goooo!

5.) Pizza King – Schenectady – Now I haven’t been here in like 7 years but the handful of times that I went were ELITE. I don’t eat at many spots in Schenectady because I’m never usually there but If I am, Pizza King is where I’d swing over to. There BBQ Chicken was like a 7.3 if we’re using the “One Bite” rule.

4.) Pizza Bella – West Gate Plaza Albany – Pizza Bella is a SLEEPER. I would hit this spot a ton when I worked in Albany for 3 years. Like above I always try BBQ Chicken slices, however, their chicken parm slices are top tier. If I had to give them a rating they are a solid 7.6 for both slices and they are priced pretty reasonably.

3.) Madison Ave Pizza – Albany – If you drive through the area or attend/attended Saint Rose then you know Madison Ave Pizza. I personally feel like their location is the best overall. Nostalgic for sure and their slices are always on point. Cheese Slice Rating: 7.5 and yes Pizza Bella ranks .1 higher but there is just something about Madison Ave’s vibe…

2.) Red Front – Troy – You know where I’m going with this… Their COBB Pizza might be the best in the world. I’m never a square slice kind of guy but ask me if I want Red Front and it’s going to be a YES every time. Their normal cheese pies are elite as well. Cobb Rating: 9.2 and normal pie slice rating: 8.1

1.) I LOVE NY PIZZA on 4th Street – Troy – Listen… If you can find me a better spot than ILOVE on 4th street I will gladly admit I’m wrong but I am more than confidant that ILOVE will forever be #1 and I can speak for most people that it probably is their favorite spot as well. Their iconic cheese slice is so simple yet so fire. Not only is theircheese slice top tier but their Ziti Slice is, Their BBQ Chicken is elite and their Deep Dish Pepperoni man…. SHEESH!! Their red sauce is undefeated and the vibe inside is UNIQUE to say the least… If you know you know. Overall all slices considered, their rating FOR ME is 9.5 easy. (don’t mistake this I LOVE NY for the one on Hoosick Street) a ton of people do and it drives the Hoosick Street location crazy!

At the end of the day my list will always change and I’m sure I left off soooo many spots but this is how I’m feeling as of right now and I hope you try one of these spots if you haven’t already. I’m always open to trying your recommendations as well so please DM me with all of them!

featured pic provided by Pixabay