Crandall Pond in Glens Falls Now Open for Skating

Crandall Pond in Glens Falls Now Open for Skating

@MikeRyanRadio | 2/3/23

Well I can’t see a better time than now to go ice skating! I’m writing this at 5:40pm and the weather is currently 2 degrees. I normally get a little sketched about ponds because what if it isn’t FROZEN FROZEN but I mean, it’s 2 degrees out… think we’re good here! Crandall Pond (Glens Falls) Now Open!

‘We’ve been doing our due diligence this week” said Department of Public Works Superintendent Tom Girard. “We’ve had concerns most of the week that the ice thickness may not be uniform and safe enough for anyone looking to skate on Crandall Pond. We just took several measurements and feel confident in opening the pond for skating starting this afternoon.” per NEWS 10

Once the sun goes down the lights will be on until 10 p.m. for nighttime skating. The city of Glens Falls asks anyone skating on the ice to dress appropriately, especially with temperatures expected to dive far into the negatives by night.

featured photo from Pixabay