Like Moroccan Food? SUNY Schenectady Hosting Cooking Demo

Like Moroccan Food? SUNY Schenectady Hosting Cooking Demo

@MikeRyanRadio | 02/13/23

I’ve spent hours and hours on YouTube watching other YouTubers try other countries foods. I’ve never left the country myself but if you were to count YouTube Travel, then I’ve been all across the world! True story, I recently watched Famous YouTuber Mark Wiens try Moroccan food and I’m sold, it looks super good.

Okay so now you’ve traveled just like me and now you’re craving Moroccan Food so NOW what? Well, SUNY Schenectady will welcome Tara Kitchen owner and chef Aneesa Waheed to demonstrate an adaptation of several dishes from her new cookbook, “Easy Moroccan Cooking.” Together with the college’s culinary students, Chef Waheed will prepare an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. The event will be held in Elston Hall’s Van Curler Room, located at 78 Washington Avenue in Schenectady. The whole demonstration should last around 2 hours.

The demonstration is FREE and open to the community. No advance registration is required.

featured pic from Pixabay

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