Winter Storm Warning For The Capital Region

Winter Storm Warning For The Capital Region

@MikeRyanRadio | 02/27/23

We’re only a few months away from warmer weather… I promise!! However, it looks like the Albany area is in for another round of snow this week. A winter weather advisory has been issued for the The Capital Region, with up to several inches of snow expected to accumulate by the end of the week. According to multiple weather sites from NOW (Monday Afternoon-Tomorrow Afternoon) we’re supposed to get 4-8 inches.

If you’re a snow lover, you’re in luck! This snowfall is expected to be light and fluffy, perfect for building snowmen and snow forts. But as with any snowstorm, it’s important to take safety precautions and stay informed about the weather conditions.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re all good when that snow DOES fall down heavy..

  • Dress appropriately: Make sure you’re bundled up in warm, waterproof clothing, and wear boots with good traction to prevent slipping on icy sidewalks and roads.
  • Check road conditions: Before heading out, check local traffic reports and road conditions. If roads are icy or visibility is low, it may be best to stay home or delay your travel plans.
  • Stock up on supplies: Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and other essentials in case you’re stuck indoors for a while.

I know we’re all soo sick of it but it’s also a beautiful reminder of the joys of winter and living in the Capital Region. So bundle up, stay safe, and enjoy the winter wonderland that’s headed our way!

featured photo via Pixabay

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