Could 70 mph Speed Limit be Coming to New York State?

Could 70 mph Speed Limit be Coming to New York State?

Two state legislators are making the pitch for it to happen. The speed limit hasn’t been raised since 1995, when it went from 55 to 65.

State Senator Thomas Marra and Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara are sponsoring the bill that would bring the speed limit up to 70 mph by the end of 2023.

Santabarbara explains his reasoning behind the bill to CBS 6:

When we travel across the country, we see that speed limits are 70 miles an hour, are at 75. And it’s because technology has changed, cars have changed, safety features have changed, cars are easier to drive now, people feel more comfortable driving at these higher speeds, and I think it makes travel more efficient.

At least 43 other states have raised speed limits over 65. The bill isn’t without its opponents though. Eric Stigberg with AAA Northway says it could be dangerous:

What we’ve seen historically is increases in speed limits result in increase number of deaths

The bill would need to pass the senate and assembly, then head to the New York State Thruway Authority and the state Department of Transportation for final approval.

feature photo: pixabay/canva