Remember These Capital Region Attractions From Your Childhood?

Remember These Capital Region Attractions From Your Childhood?

@MikeRyanRadio | 03/07/23

To be honest, Growing up in the Capital Region definitely had it’s perks. Nostalgic commercials, Food spots like Gus’s or Famous Lunch, a ton of “If You Know You Know” things and more! Here are some nostalgic spots you’ll definitely remember if you grew up here:

Waterslide World: Located in Lake George, was a water park that offered a variety of thrilling slides and attractions. From the classic giant slide to the twisting and turning Black Hole, Waterslide World had something for everyone. The park also featured a lazy river, a wave pool, and several kiddie areas. Waterslide World was a popular summer destination for locals and tourists alike, but in 2017, the park closed permanently due to financial difficulties.

Jeepers: Jeepers was a family entertainment center located near Crossgates Mall. The indoor park featured a variety of rides and attractions, including the world famous indoor rollercoaster. Jeepers was a popular destination for families with young children, and its convenient location near the mall made it a go-to spot for birthday parties and other celebrations. However, in 2013, the park closed its doors for good, leaving many local families disappointed. Sidenote: How many pieces of gum did YOU leave on the ceiling? (iykyk)

Hoffman’s Playland: For over 60 years, this family-owned amusement park in Latham was a beloved destination for kids and adults alike. Sadly, the park closed its doors in 2014, but many still cherish fond memories of rides like the miniature train and swings!

Dang.. Take Me Back!!

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