Pizza Cannibal Returns April 2nd!

Pizza Cannibal Returns April 2nd!

@MikeRyanRadio | 3.27.23

I had a feeling with all this warmer weather we’ve been getting, we’d be seeing the Pizza Cannibal Team soon! It’s only right man because last summer was such a vibe and when you see The Pizza Cannibal flyers start to circulate you know Spring / Summer is on the way. With that, let me fill you in real quick. The boyz are back this Sunday (04/02/23) and this time they’re taking over Troy… again

If you’ve never heard of Pizza Cannibal, they are a pop-up pizza team that specializes in rare pizza combinations that they chef up right in front of you! Their pizzas are made from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients and cooked to perfection in their portable pizza ovens. Pizza Cannibal has quickly become a favorite in the local food scene and their pop-up events are always a hit. I’ve seen them at almost every event they hold and lines are stupid long!! It just shows how much of an impact they are making in the 518 and we love to see it.

Peep these Pizza’s they’ve made in the past, expect this and more!

Their menus are always unreal man! I won’t lie, I would show up well before 5pm because I promise they will sell out of almost everything they bring to the pop up. I’ve seen it happen. They give us a reason to pop out, mingle and enjoy good eats while not spending a ton. I will most deff see everyone this Sunday. .

featured picture provided by Pizza Cannibal

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