Win Your Share of $50,000 With The Hip-Hop Jackpot!

Win Your Share of $50,000 With The Hip-Hop Jackpot!

Hip-Hop turns 50 this year!! Hip-Hop and Money go together so smoothly and here’s something even more smooth, your chance to win big with the $50,000 Hip-Hop Jackpot. Jamz 96.3 is giving you the opportunity to win a share of this whopping $50,000 jackpot, simply by listening for the jackpot keywords!

Entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is tune in to Jamz 96.3 and listen for the daily code word. Once you’ve got the code, head to the contest website and enter it, along with your contact details. 4 chances a day; Jubal has 2 keywords at 8a/9a and Mike Ryan has your chance at 4p/5p!

But what would you do with your share of this $50,000? The possibilities are endless. You could use it to fund your own hip-hop career, investing in equipment and promotion to help you get noticed. Or you could use it to attend concerts and festivals, getting up close and personal with your favorite artists. Regardless, your share of the 50,000 dollar jackpot is better than not having it so why not try?

Good luck and enter here when you hear the keywords!

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