New Indoor Skatepark in Albany has Opened

New Indoor Skatepark in Albany has Opened

@MikeRyanRadio | 4.10.23

Noteworthy Resources, a non-profit organization, has recently opened an indoor skatepark in Albany. The Endure Skatepark had its soft opening on Saturday for monthly members and volunteers. Located at 930 Broadway, the skatepark is a part of Noteworthy Resources’ new community center, which also features office space for workshops and a loading dock area for live music and art shows.

The organizers of the Endure Skatepark aimed to create a community-oriented space that would attract skateboarders and be accessible to everyone. The skate program began almost three years ago with local meet-ups organized by Tatiana Benack and a friend from Brooklyn. The overwhelming response to the first meet-up, which saw over 50 people in attendance, inspired Benack to continue developing the skate program.

The Endure Skatepark is the culmination of Benack’s efforts, and it promises to be a hub of activity for skateboarders in Albany. By providing a safe and welcoming space for skaters, the skatepark hopes to promote physical activity and build community connections. Moreover, the indoor skatepark offers a year-round option for skateboarding, even in inclement weather.

featured pic via pixabay

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