A Taste of the Caribbean with a Twist, Coming Soon to Troy River Street Market

A Taste of the Caribbean with a Twist, Coming Soon to Troy River Street Market

@MikeRyanRadio | 04.21.23

A new culinary gem, Pataconia, is set to join the vibrant Troy River Street Market this summer. Run by the dynamic duo, Chef Riany Mena and his wife Alexa, Pataconia will bring a taste of the Caribbean to the heart of Troy. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Riany’s passion for food is deeply rooted in his love for his culture, which emphasizes the importance of family, friends, and of course, delectable cuisine.

The name “Pataconia” is inspired by the couple’s love for Patacones, a popular sandwich in Caribbean cuisine that features a delicious combination of protein and greens nestled between two crispy fried plantains. This mouthwatering delight will take center stage on Pataconia’s menu, accompanied by other Caribbean favorites like Pastelitos, also known as empanadas. In a nod to their Dominican heritage, the Menas have opted to use “Pastelitos” on their menu. Vegetarian options for both patacones and pastelitos will also be available, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

While the focus is on traditional Caribbean flavors, Pataconia will also infuse some Asian flair into their dishes. For instance, their Spicy Chicken Patacon features chicken prepared in a house-made gochujang sauce, a perfect marriage of Caribbean and Asian tastes. This unique fusion sets Pataconia apart, making it a must-visit spot for food enthusiasts.

Of course, Pataconia understands that not everyone may be in the mood for fried food, so they’ve got you covered with their scrumptious Rice Bowls. These bowls offer the same delicious fillings as their patacones, but instead of fried plantains, the ingredients are nestled on a bed of perfectly cooked rice. This wholesome alternative is perfect for those seeking a lighter option while still enjoying the delightful combination of Caribbean and Asian flavors. The Menas truly believe in catering to diverse palates, ensuring that every customer leaves their establishment with a satisfied smile on their face. So, whether you’re craving fried plantains or a rice bowl, Pataconia has something for everyone.

The Menas couldn’t be more thrilled about joining the already bustling Troy River Street Market. With an array of fantastic vendors, it’s the ideal location for them to embark on this exciting new venture. Anticipated to open its doors in mid-July, Pataconia promises to keep everyone updated on their progress.

Get ready, Troy! Pataconia is coming soon to satisfy your Caribbean cravings with a twist you won’t want to miss. Keep up with them on Instagram & Facebook!

featured pic provided by The Pataconia IG

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