Monarch Mascot Reveals College’s Secret!

Monarch Mascot Reveals College’s Secret!

@MikeRyanRadio | 04.26.23

Maria College in Albany recently celebrated a major milestone: 65 years of providing quality education. Marking this momentous occasion, the college proudly announced the adoption of a mascot for the very first time. After a tight race, the Maria Monarchs emerged as the triumphant symbol to represent the college’s spirit and values.

Over 500 faculty, staff, students, and alumni participated in the voting process, with the monarch winning an impressive 37% of first-place votes. The choice of the Maria Monarchs was deeply rooted in the college’s core values, as the president emphasized the importance of themes such as transformation and change when selecting a mascot.

Although Maria College does not currently offer sports programs, the Maria Monarchs mascot will play a significant role in boosting morale and fostering a sense of community within the institution. The mascot is expected to make special appearances at various school events and activities, bringing joy and enthusiasm to those in attendance.

Perhaps most importantly, the Maria Monarchs mascot will extend the college’s reach beyond its campus, as plans are in place for the mascot to visit children in hospitals and brighten their days. The introduction of the Maria Monarchs mascot is a testament to the college’s dedication to positive transformation, both within the institution and in the wider community.

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