RDUB to Share His Global Journey on The Kelly Clarkson Show

RDUB to Share His Global Journey on The Kelly Clarkson Show

@MikeRyanRadio | 05.01.23

JAMZ 96.3’s very own RDUB is making waves as he prepares to appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show this Monday! Known for his captivating Sunday night radio show, RDUB is about to share an incredible personal milestone with the world. During his appearance, he’ll discuss his incredible journey of visiting every single country across the globe.

Embarking on a quest to explore the world, RDUB has filled his passport with stamps, delving into diverse cultures, and gaining a wealth of experiences along the way. From picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks to the vibrant people he’s met, RDUB’s global adventure has undoubtedly been a life-changing experience.

For those eager to hear all about RDUB’s extraordinary journey, be sure to tune in to The Kelly Clarkson Show this Monday. Kelly’s warm and engaging interview style is sure to bring out the best stories from RDUB’s travels. And for fans of his radio show, don’t forget to catch R DUB every Sunday night on JAMZ 96.3 from 8 pm to 12 am.

As RDUB takes center stage on The Kelly Clarkson Show, his incredible accomplishment serves as an inspiration to all those dreaming of embarking on their own world adventures. If RDUB can conquer the globe, what’s stopping you?

featured pic provided by RDUB

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