Popular Troy Restaurant Temporarily Shuts Its Doors

Popular Troy Restaurant Temporarily Shuts Its Doors

@MikeRyanRadio | 05.04.23

Muza, a well-loved European restaurant situated at 1300 15th Street in Troy, has announced its temporary closure with no specific reopening date. The restaurant’s owners shared this news via a Facebook post on May 3rd, expressing their apologies for any inconvenience caused by the sudden closure.

The post read, “Muza Restaurant is temporarily closed until further notice. Please continue to follow our Facebook or check out our website for any updates we may have. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. As always, thank you for your continued support.” Patrons are encouraged to stay connected through the restaurant’s social media channels and website for updates on its reopening.

Muza has been a local favorite, offering a diverse menu of traditional European delicacies such as pierogis, gołombkis, kielbasa, schnitzel, potato pancakes, goulash, and crepes. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and authentic dishes have attracted a loyal following over the years.

Meanwhile, Muza’s sister restaurant, The Hill at Muza, operates under different ownership and is set to open its doors for the season this month. The Hill’s owners informed NEWS10 that they are in the process of acquiring the necessary permits and licenses for their seasonal opening. Guests eager to enjoy the culinary offerings from the Muza family can look forward to dining at The Hill in the coming weeks.

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