Parking in Albany Just Got a Little Bit Easier

Parking in Albany Just Got a Little Bit Easier

Maybe you and a group of friends want to grab a drink after work, but the hassle of paying the parking meter has made you think otherwise – so you don’t go out at all or decide on somewhere outside Albany.

As of Monday May 8th, the Albany Parking Authority will end meter times at 5pm rather than 6pm. Businesses in the city like the idea, especially bar owners. Lance Rider, the owner of Rocks on Central Avenue tells News 10 it’s a win-win.

As a business located on Central Avenue, we see the detrimental effects of the hour between the typical end of the workday – 5 p.m. – and that additional hour to 6 p.m. Many of our customers have specifically said they would swing by on their way home from work, but they do not want to pay for parking during this time.

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feature photo: Stanisław Gregor on Unsplash