Unveiling the New Era: Corinth Riverhawks Take Flight

Unveiling the New Era: Corinth Riverhawks Take Flight

@MikeRyanRadio | 05.17.23

Corinth Central School District has turned a new leaf in its history, with the transition from the Corinth Tomahawks to the Corinth Riverhawks. The name and mascot change, finalized in April, was an important move to foster an inclusive, respectful culture within the school district.

Embracing this new identity, Corinth Central School District recently unveiled its new logos. The school district collaborated with a talented artist based in Long Island to craft these logos, which embody the spirit and ethos of the Riverhawks.

These visually striking logos represent the district’s evolution, displaying a balance of tradition and innovation. The Riverhawk, a bird known for its resilience, echoes the strength and determination of our students. The fluid lines and bold colors in the logos are a testament to the vibrant, dynamic community that makes up the Corinth Central School District.

The new logos will be used in all future school district representations, further solidifying the identity of the Corinth Riverhawks. This is not just a name change, but a symbolic leap forward, marking a new chapter for the district, its students, and the community.

featured pic via Cornith Central School District

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