Dirty Money Dole-Out

JAMZ 96.3 made a lot of money of the books this year and the FEDS are about to come after us if we don’t get rid of it… FAST! That’s where YOU come in. We need you to take this money off our hands and spent it quick. To give everyone a fair chance at our dirty money listen weekdays at 8:10a, 2:10p, 4:10p and 7:10p and keep track of the guesses, for a better shot at winning this compromised cash. The Dirty Money Jackpots will be anywhere from one hundred to ONE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. It spends just as well as clean money, so what do you care where it came from. Why work for your money when you can get it for free? Who cares where it came from as long as your get it with the Dirty Money Dole-Out from JAMZ 96.3