Scott Pank

Scott Pank

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Before I settled in the Albany area I spent my childhood growing up in Troy and Clifton Park. I started off as the Night Show host on JAMZ 96.3 and eventually made my way to the Afternoon time slot. Each weekday afternoon we hook you up with prizes, and let you voice your opinion on what's trending. Fun Fact: The first album I ever bought was Wu-Tang Clan ‘Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’


Artist/Group: Kanye West & Kid Cudi
Movie: Tron & Wedding Crashers
Actor/Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Lawrence
Book: Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums, Drums, Drums
Sport: Baseball, Basketball & MMA
TV Show: Broad City & The Walking Dead
Holiday: Thanksgiving (give me all the food!)
Restaurant(s): Anywhere that has burritos
Candy: Peanut Butter Cups
Food: Pulled Pork
Place to Shop: The Internet
What is on your Playlist? Kanye, Jay Z & Chance the Rapper
Pets? No  but I want a Bulldog really bad!
What is your favorite cereal? Right now I’m all about those Rice Crispy Treats
What is your favorite ice cream? Vanilla
Do you have any hobbies: Only if playing Softball on the weekend is a hobby.
iPhone or Droid? iPhone. I’ve been #TeamiPhone ever since the beginning lol
What is your favorite season? Fall. Hoodie weather is the best
Would you bungee jump? I totally would go bungee jumping.
Pet Peeves: People that don’t know how to use the yield sign.

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