The Big Hook-Up!

We don’t do things small around here. We don’t even do them mediocre. We know that’s debatable but we like to believe that when JAMZ 96.3 does something… WE DO IT BIG! Have the most memorable year of your life with the JAMZ 96.3 BIG HOOK-UP by winning a trip to Rollin Loud in Miami and every JAMZ concert ticket, JAMZ movie pass, JAMZ download, JAMZ t-shirt and more for all of 2020! Listen each weekday to catch an invited to the BIG HOOK-UP Party at GT Toyz Dealership in Halfmoon where the grand prize winner will be announced! Having a hard time getting qualified? Then stop by GT Toyz to get registered. Full send it in 2020 by winning a trip to Rollin Loud and everything JAMZ for the rest of the year with the JAMZ 96.3 BIG HOOK-UP!