THE TOP 96 OF 2019

Preparation, excitement, anticipation – three ingredients combined that guarantee you will have the worst New Year’s Eve of your life. You spend all year contemplating the final moments of the year, only to have it slowly, bit-by-bit fall apart right in front of your eyes.
JAMZ 96.3 has a solution; no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter how much thought out or how spontaneous your evening is – take JAMZ along!
JAMZ 96.3 will be counting down The Top 96 songs of 2019 – guaranteed to make your New Year’s day great. The biggest moments in Pop Culture, background artist info, sporting news and more.
The Top 96 of 2019, New Year’s Day with JAMZ 96.3! A great time no matter what else you may have, or have not going on.

Happy New Year from JAMZ 96.3!

What do you think the #1 song on the Top 96 of 2019 will be?