Drake and Kendrick Both Released Diss Tracks On Friday

Anyone else having a hard time keeping up with all of this?

Earlier this week Kendrick gave us "Euphoria" which is a 6:23 diss track aimed right at Drake. Then early on Friday Kendrick put out "6:16 In LA" which is another track aimed at Drake. Then last night Drake released "Family Matters" and not long after that, K. Dot dropped "Meet The Grahams"

So in less than a week we got a total of 4 new songs from Drake and Kendrick, 3 of them belonging to Kendrick. Seems like he's had some stuff to say for a while and he's letting all of that out!

So, here's Drake's "Family Matters"



And now Kendrick's "Meet The Grahams" which takes aim at Drakes entire family!



Oh and by the way, Drake responded to "Meet The Grahams" on his Insta story. 


This whole beef is escalating super quick and it's getting really interesting! 

Maybe J. Cole made the right choice when he removed himself from this???


Feature photo: Reuters

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