Eminem Surprises The Detroit Crowd At 50 Cents Show


I'm not really sold that it was a surprise appearance from Eminem considering 50 Cent was performing in Detroit. Em and Fiddy are pretty much best friends so for Marshall to do a guest spot at a show in his hometown is almost expected. That said, the crowd was pretty surprised when Eminem came out during 50's performance.


Em spit his verse from 50's song "Patiently Waiting" and then did "Crack A Bottle". Then before Em left the stage he showed some love to 50 and also to hip hop in general

“Detroit, make some noise for one of the best friends that I’ve ever known, 50 Cent!” he said. “And also, make some noise for Hip Hop’s 50th birthday, y’all … Detroit, I love y’all, man.”

Feature photo: Reuters

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