If You Design The Next Whopper, Burger King Will Pay You $1 Million

Burger King is looking for some help designing their new Whopper and you could land yourself $1,000,000 in the process.

BK is running a contest and you are invited to create a new Whopper. If you'd like to submit your idea you can do so by CLICKING HERE

As we speak, there are currently 200,000 possible combinations to customize your Whopper but if you have an idea that is better than any of those, I suggest you click that link I just gave you and try to win the Million bucks!.

You have until St. Patrick's Day aka March 17th to submit your creation but there are a few things you should know - 

  • Each submission can include up to eight toppings.
  • After submitting your entry, BK fans will receive an A.I.-generated image and original jingle inspired by their Whopper concept that can be shared across social platforms.

Later this year, 3 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges and those 3 finalists will be invited to Burger King HQ in Miami. Once they make it to Miami they will be able to refine their submissions before they hit BK menus Nationwide for a limited time. From there, it will be in the fans hands. You'll be able to try the 3 new Whoppers and vote for your favorite one. Whichever Whopper wins get's the $1 Million.


Feature photo: Reuters

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