Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Hat Is Headed To Auction

D Scott

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 10:43am

Way back in 1983, Michael Jackson performed Billy Jean live at Motown 25 and blew the world away when he moonwalked for the very first time. It's a moment that might just be one of the greatest TV moments of all time. Oh sure, we all knew that MJ could dance but when he did the moonwalk it literally looks like he was just gliding on air. Just before he wowed us, he took the hat that he was wearing off and flung it into the audience. The hat as picked up by a man named Adam Kelly. He figured that someone from Michael's team would come and get the hat but they never did. Kelly held on to the hat for a while but it has since passed through a few different collectors hands. 

That famous hat is going up for auction in Paris on September 26th and is expected to get somewhere between $64,000-$107,000. No idea why it's such a specific price range but then again, what do I know about auctions and history?

Feature photo: Reuters

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