New Drake Diss Track - Is Is Real Or A Hoax?

Over the weekend a new diss track from Drake, taking aim at Kendrick and Rick Ross, hit the internet and fans went crazy!

However, there was some questions on whether or not it was really Drake or if it was A.I. but that rumor may have been put to rest after the song was sent to DJ's from a blast service and it was officially confirmed as an OVO Sound release.

The song is called "Push Ups (Drop And Give Me 50) and it covers a bunch of the beefs that Drake is currently dealing with, including the hit he took from Kendrick not that long ago.

You better do that motherf*ckin' show inside the bitty
Maroon 5 need a verse, you better make it witty
Then we need a verse for the Swifties

You ain't in no Big Three, SZA got you wiped down
Travis got you wiped down, Savage got you wiped down
Like your label, boy, you in a scope right now
And you gon' feel the aftermath of what I write down
I'm at the top of the mountain, so you tight now
Just to have this talk with yo' ass, I had to hike down
Big difference between Mike then and Mike now
What the f*ck is this, a twenty-V-one, n-a?
What's a prince to a king? He a son, n-a
I get more love in the city that you from, n-a

He also took some serious swipes at Metro Boomin and Rick Ross as well.

Here's Drake's "Push Ups" track - NSFW (you've been warned)

From there, things heated up this weekend between Ross and Drake as they took shots at each other on the internet AND Rick released a diss track aimed at Drake as well. That track by the way dropped in less than 2 hours.

Rozzay took some serious shots at Drake in his track - -

“N****s leakin’ they records when we speakin’ directly /If we keepin’ it gangsta, when you see me you check me /White boy, I see you /I see you, yeah, check”

Of course there's more - 

“By the way, I got a lot of respect for a lot of rappers, but I got one guy, he’s my favorite person to rap with on any song, his name is Rick Ross Maybach Music /You ain’t never want to be a n***a anyway, n***a /That’s why you had a operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n***a /I unfollowed you, n***a, ’cause you sent the motherf**king cease-and-desist to French Montana, n***a /You sent the police, n***a, hatin’ on my dog project /That wasn’t the same white boy that I seen, n***a, when we were makin’ them early records, n*** /When you were happy to be around n****s, seein’ n****s holdin’ them sticks”


Here's the full track! NSFW just so you're aware


Call it what ya want, but at the very least it's entertaining.+


Feature photo: Reuters

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