Sexyy Red's New Lip Gloss Flavors Are Nasty

I'm not exactly sure that you're going to want to put these flavors of lip gloss on your mouth but Sexyy Red is coming with her own line. 

Now let's keep in mind that I have NO idea what these flavors really taste like, here we go. The flavors that she's announced are as follows according to what she told Interview Magazine

"C***hie Juice, Bootyhole Brown, C***hie Pink, Sex on My Period, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge and Nut."

To be honest with you, I don't know how I feel about any of those but if you're a fan of Sexyy Red then I'm sure these flavors all make sense to you. To me, they all sound pretty gross but then again, I'm not the person that they're targeting, so there's that.


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