This Is What We've Wanted For 25 Years From Mya And Sisqo - New Music

You'll have to go back in your memory 25 years to remember the song "All About Me" from Mya featuring Dru Hill. If you're having a hard time remembering, I'll help you out a little bit.


There, now that we've refreshed your memory, let's talk about what's on the way from Mya and Sisqo, shall we? According to what I'm hearing, the 2 R&B powerhouses are teaming up again to give us some new music! Sure, the two have performed together on stage a number of times in the past few years but they sang "All About Me" because that was the only song the two had ever done together.

That's going to be changing very soon. Sisqo's team says that the song is electric and is a warm weather kind of song. 

No word on what the name of the song is but it will be on Sisqo's new album called "The Exodus". Believe it or not, it's his first album in almost a decade. 

I think it's safe to say that the fans are going to be looking forward to hearing what these two are going to give us!


Feature photo: Mya's YouTube

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