Two Startling Incidents Happened This Week At Drake's Mansion

We're all well aware of the beef that is going on between Drake and Kendrick Lamar but it would seem that people are starting to take it too far.

In the past week there have been 2 security issues at Drake's Toronto mansion. Early in the week there was a "drive by" shooting that landed one of the security guards at the house in the hospital. That guard remains in the hospital and is in serious condition. No motive for the shooting has been established yet for the shooting. Police said that it's too early in the investigation to say if it is a result of the beef with K. Dot.

The other incident happened yesterday afternoon. It's being reported that a person tried to get onto Drake's property but was met by Drake's security. After a brief altercation with the intruder, they were able to detain the man until police arrived. The person was taken to the hospital but his condition is unknown.

At the moment it's unclear if the drive-by and this latest intruder are connected. The investigation is still ongoing and police do not believe that the two are connected.

It's my hope that people aren't taking things into their own hands with this ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick. That's really the last thing that needs to be done. Let's keep this all to music and let the two handle their own issues. The public does not need to try and do something to either of the men out of some sort of allegiance to either. 

Maybe it's time for the two rappers to sit down and try to squash their issues with each other.

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