Wale Says Diddy Never Hung Him Over A Balcony

Wale has come out and said that the rumor about Diddy dangling him over a balcony is completely made up.

The rumor was that Diddy did this over Wale's friendship with Cassie, however Wale's management says told TMZ Hip Hop

"It’s a shame that a complete fabrication has gotten this far and that we have to dignify it with a response."

They they went on to say

"It is a fantasy written by an outsider to exploit a viral story for clicks … the author must have watched "The Five Heartbeats" on basic cable and got inspired. They have never been in the same room as the people mentioned. Wale has never met Cassie or the author and was never involved in any type of altercation. He wishes peace for everyone involved in the settlement."

But how did this story get started? It appears that Ant Glizzy, a former rapper and now YouTuber started this whole thing.

Oh and that's not all. Glizzy didn't seem to like that Wale is claiming "fake news" on this whole thing. Now Glizzy is saying that he's going to lay hands on Wale. Now, I'm not a lawyer or anything but that doesn't seem like a smart thing to say. I mean, if he decides to get physical with Wale, it'll be tough to deny it after making a public statement like that. 

Feature photo: Reuters

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