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Friday, February 9th, 2024 9:50am

WJLX, a radio station in Alabama had it's 200 foot radio tower stolen along with all of the equipment from the building.

The missing tower was discovered when a landscaping crew was sent to the site for some Spring clean up work and when they got there they found that the tower was gone. Needless to say, everyone was dumbfounded by this. All that was left is the wires that were attached to the tower. 

Jasper Mayor David O'Mary told NBC News

“There was a meeting yesterday between the owner and our investigators concerning the matter,”  “At this point, we are still lacking information that we have to have to conduct a full-fledged investigation.”

Feature photo: Reuters

D Scott

Friday, January 12th, 2024 9:28am

Last weekend at Bayside Marketplace in Miami things got pretty wild. Now the story is that a large brawl involving teenagers broke out. There were fireworks being shot off inside which also caused a panic because people thought that they were gun shots. The police were called in massive numbers. Police get things in order and put out a statement about the brawl and the fireworks.

Seems normal so far, right? This is where things take a left and get weird. Once this story hit the internet, people were not buying the story about the brawl or the fireworks. All it took was one or two videos and or "tweets" to make their way to "X" fka Twitter and everyone jumped on that story as the "truth".

This video got people going even more. Keep in mind that this is 3 police officers, I believe, walking side by side but of course the internet says that it's one of the aliens.

And then there's this person who tried to clean up a video a bit. She claims that you can see a very tall creature walking. Looks like a shadow of a person and due to the way the light is hitting them creates a shadow that appears tall but logic isn't really applicable here.

Another fantastic post on "X"

Now, don't get me wrong, as someone that does a paranormal podcast and has had my own experiences with unexplainable things I am not saying that aliens aren't real. However in this case, I don't think it was aliens that caused the chaos in Miami. This to me seems more like people seeing something on the internet, regardless if the person was joking or not, and running with it.

And that is this week's winner of "D's Nuts" Crazy News Story Of The Week!

Feature photo: Photo by Leo on Unsplash

D Scott

Friday, December 29th, 2023 10:45am

This one was pretty much a no brainer. Antonio Brown was easily the most ridiculous local news story of the year. His "ownership" of The Albany Empire was one of the most comical and frustrating things that has ever happened in The Capital Region, at least in my opinion.

Let's go through a timeline of all the stupid things that happened upon his arrival. 

March 2nd 2023 - Antonio Brown becomes part owner of The Albany Empire

April 6th - Tom Menas is fired as head coach

April 16th - Antonio Brown claims he's 100% owner of the team (that wasn't true....yet)

April 19th - Mike Kwarta sells his share of the team to Antonio Brown for $1

May 1st - Players and coaches claim they hadn't been paid since April 21st. Team President claims that there was an issue with payroll processing.

May 3rd - Tom Menas is back as Empire Head Coach

May 17th - Rehired Head Coach Tom Menas announces that Antonio Brown will suit up for The Albany Empire (he NEVER took the field for the team)

May 21st - Tom Menas resigns as Head Coach

May 22nd - Pete Porcelli is hired as the new Head Coach and then was demoted a week later

June 3rd - Antonio Brown is asked to leave The Holiday Inn Express in Downtown Albany due to complaints (loud music and the smell of marijuana)

June 9th - Brown and John Cheney, a member of the Orlando Predators owner group, exchange insults. Brown calls the NAL a "trash league"

June 15th - The Albany Empire are kicked out of the league. Brown and The Empire failed to pay the mandated league assessments. Brown was also fined $1000 for conduct detrimental to the league.



There were plenty of other things that happened during Brown's time as "owner" of our Empire, from legal issues (lack of child support payment), to showing up at college parties where there were undoubtedly underage kids, a number of Tweets that were insulting and contained hate speech, and so on and so on.

Thankfully we are rid of Antonio Brown or Antonio El Allah (whoever that is) here in The Capital Region. We have a new arena football team, which is actually our original arena football team (The Albany Firebirds) and we have all moved on from the foolishness that was Antonio Brown.

Congrats AB, you are the winner of the year end "D's Nuts" Award! 


Feature photo: Reuters

D Scott

Friday, December 15th, 2023 8:58am

Only in Jersey!

There was a bull on the loose in Newark, NJ yesterday running along the train tracks. 

Imagine waiting for your train and there's a delay. First thing that pops in your head is "Ugh! Why is my train delayed?" Then you get word that there is a bull running loose on the train tracks. Keep in mind, you're in New Jersey. Just imagine what would go through your head then.

The belief is that the bull actually escaped from a nearby slaughter house. Eventually police and other agencies were able to corral the animal, tranquilize it, and take it to Skyland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Sussex County.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported from the incident. Also, if you're in the market to rescue a bull, I know where you can find one.

Needless to say, this story was everywhere. News, social media, other places.

Feature photo:6abc Philadelphia Story

D Scott

Friday, November 10th, 2023 10:38am

Jay Vaughan of New Jersey was attempting to sell his 2007 Chevy Silverado and unfortunately for him, as his potential buyer was pulling up to his house, a deer came flying through the air and slammed into the side of his truck. The proceeded to kick it a few times until finally making it's way out of the bed of the truck on then went on with it's day.

Now I don't know what Jay was asking for his truck but he did have to knock $1000 off his asking price after the deer put a few dents in the side of it. 

This is actually the security footage from Jay's home in New Jersey that shows the deer come running, taking flight and then slamming into the truck. Thanks to Jay sharing this footage, the video has been on a number of news stations all over the country. Even better for us, it is this weeks "D's Nuts" story!

Feature photo: ABC 7 Chicago's YouTube

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